Restaurants required to strictly follow COVID-19 prevention rules


The Department of Health has ordered all restaurants to strictly follow COVID-19 prevention measures for the upcoming holiday season.

Director-General Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai said due to the increasing number of tourists during the long weekend holiday, the department asks restaurants in tourist attractions to strictly comply with prevention guidelines to reduce the risk of another COVID-19 outbreak.

Restaurants must have tables cleaned immediately after customers leave them, as well as disinfect all contact points and toilets every 1-2 hours while providing clean utensils and separate spoons for shared dishes, maintaining distances of 1-2 meters between tables, and ventilating the restaurant as much as possible.

According to Dr Suwanchai, restaurants must also screen customers before they enter and ensure they are using the “Thai Save Thai” application. Additionally, diners must wear their masks when they’re not eating and can stay for no longer than two hours.