Riot police disband Bangkok rally against Myanmar coup

Pro-democracy protestors confront riot police in Bangkok on Monday. Photo: Bangkok Post
Riot police on Monday broke up a rally held outside the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok and arrested a Thai protester. At least two people were injured.

About 150 riot police were called into the area on Sathon Road to disband the protest against the military coup in Myanmar.

Sources say a security guard was arrested, but Piyarat “Toto” Chongthep of the We Volunteer (WeVo) Thai pro-democracy group posted a message saying at least three people were arrested.

Scores of Thai and Myanmar demonstrators were rallying outside the embassy to condemn the de facto military coup in Myanmar. They were also calling for the release of State Counsellor and pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, who’s believed to be under custody.

Police estimated 200 Thai activists, 100 WeVo members and 100 Myanmar supporters of Suu Kyi had gathered outside the embassy on Sathon Road to denounce the coup in the neighbouring country and demand the Thai government do likewise.

National League for Democracy Party supporters shout slogans outside the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok during the raid (Reuters photo)

WeVo said in a statement “Thailand must not support and legitimise this coup as well as coup government.”

“We declare that as a member of ASEAN, we cannot stay silent after such an evil and unlawful act.”

The Myanmar army arrested National League for Democracy Party leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other politicians on Monday morning with former Gen Myint Swe appointed as acting president.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said the coup was an “internal affair” of Myanmar.

The WeVo activist Mr Chongthep disputed that notion saying “We never accept a coup — no matter who [launches] it.”

Source: Bangkokpost