Road sweeper finds unexploded shell

PHOTO: Pu Kerd Malui

A 56-year-old road sweeper found a large piece of explosive ammunition on the main city motorway yesterday afternoon. Chon Buri city police were notified of the 45-centimetre long ‘shell’ found on the side of the road on the main motorway.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal squad arrived to find the road sweeper and the shell. He told them he thought it looked like a ‘bomb’.

“I saw the item while I was sweeping the road. It looked like a bomb so I called the police immediately.”

Police detoured traffic whilst the EOD further inspected the piece of ordinance.

The Senior Sergeant Major from the EOD told The Pattaya News that it was a ‘bullet’ used in powerful explosive devices which can destroy targets within a 30-meter radius.

“This one is very old but might still be active under the right conditions.”

“If anyone sees something similar to these items please call police immediately and stay away from it.”

Source: Pattaya News