Roadtrippers find human body trapped beneath their car

(Photo: Jakkrit Waewkraihong)

A group of holiday road trippers from Pathum Thani got a horrifying surprise after finding a partial human body underneath one of their cars. The group was on their way to Koh Chang when the stopped at a petrol station in the eastern province of Khao Saming. 

The 10 holidaymakers declared the discovery at Sawang Sawai PTT petrol station at 6:30 am. Officials say the body was trapped under a Honda Jazz.

They say there was no damage to the car appeared the vehicle did not have any accident.

Driver of the car says he and 9 of his friends were travelling together in 4 cars, when they stopped at the petrol station to take a break.

One of his friends noticed what looked like a ‘figure’  of some sort beneath his car. Sources say there was an arm, legs, and body under the car, but no head.

They thought the body was a dead animal carcass and slowly backed up the car, only to find a partial human body.

3-4 kilometres earlier, he said they all saw what they thought was a dog carcass on the road, but it was dark and could not clearly see what is was.

Their search turned up nothing but after the team went again and found human body parts scattered along Sukhumvit Road.

Source: The Thaiger