Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation praised for helping bedridden woman claim state benefit

Image: Manager Online

Rescue workers from Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation have been praised for coming to the assistance of an elderly bedridden woman.

Luankiaw Chimpalee, 70, a long time sufferer of thromboembolism was forced to visit Krung Thai bank in order to claim 7,000 baht in benefits as part of the government’s Rao Chana subsidy scheme.

Previously, the bank provided an out-reach service for people who were unable to attend the bank in person or for those who were not able to claim the money the government’s online platform.

However, the out-reach service had been suspended due to COVID-19.

With no vehicle and no means to getting to the bank to claim the money, Mrs Luankiaw’s daughter appealed to the rescue foundation for help.

Sawang deputy chief Rawiroj Thaemmee answered the plea for help and sent a team to take Mrs Luankiaw to the bank.

Photos shared on social media shows Mrs Luankiaw being put in an ambulance and taken to the bank to claim the money.