Schools in Phetchaburi to remain closed until November

Phra Nakhon Khiri, Phetchaburi. File Photo.

Schools in Phetchaburi will remain closed for on-site learning until November, according a new order from the provincial governor.

The order, which is dated July 27, states that schools will remain closed until the start of the second school semester, which is typically late October or early November.

Schools have been instructed to continue teaching students by the following formats:

  • Teaching via TV, Cable TV system, satellite TV system (On Air)
  • Teaching online (Online)
  • Teaching by using various applications (On Demand)
  • Teaching and learning by arranging books, exercises and worksheets for parents to give to students at their home.  (On Hand)

On site learning – children studying in the classroom – will only be available from the second semester of this academic year (2021), the order reads.

The order is effective immediately and will likely be in place unless there is a sudden upturn in the COVID-19 situation in the province.

Parents of school children in Hua Hin will no doubt take note of the announcement regarding schools in Phetchaburi.

Despite being under a different jurisdiction to Phetchaburi province, the news comes as some schools in Hua Hin have proposed re-opening as early as next month.

Hua Hin Today understands that at least two schools in the district have contacted parents to gauge opinion about possibly re-opening as early as August 9.