Singha Takes Active Move for ‘Pundee’

Singha Takes Active Move for 'Pundee'
Singha Takes Active Move for 'Pundee'

Bunrawd Brewery Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of ‘Singha’ beer, is going to take an active move of selling ‘Pundee’, its native Thai rice, to distributors all over Thailand so that all Thai people will have good quality rice for daily consumption.

According to the executive director of the Office of the Board of Managing Director of Bunrawd Brewery Co. Ltd. Mr. Rati Phanthawee, the company has already launched a marketing campaign for ‘Pandee’ in Hua Hin. The brand highlights Thai Hom Mali 105 rice and Chai Nath white rice, which attracted business partners in the beachfront city so much.

Mr. Rati added that, once a business partner agrees to sell ‘Pundee’, the company will send its staff to arrange the partner’s shop and put the product in the position that attracts customers.

The ‘Pundee’ rice is a product which Bunrawd joint-ventured with AGR Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of high quality rice of Thailand that has been distributing its products overseas for 30 years. The Hom Mali 105 rice is grown in Ubolratchathani, Surin and Sri Saket while the Chai Nath white rice is grown in Nakhon Sawan and Chainath. All of the provinces are good places for rice paddy. When the rice is fully grown, it will be harvested immediately to undergo the post harvest technology known as silo which aims to minimize losses and maintain the quality of the crop until its reaches final consumers. Then, the processed rice will be transferred to a rice mill in Chachoengsao for final packaging before distribution to local sellers all over the country.

“Our product has been released to Thai consumers for two and a half years already. The selling in 2012 was very satisfactory as it was ranked the fifth of the packaged rice and its selling rate reached 35% of the total selling amount. So, we would like to move forward by working with more local sellers. So far, we have already launched our marketing campaign in 32 provinces of Thailand and over 20 million housewives are familiar with the brand. In the next year, we will keep doing selling promotion and, when Thailand becomes a member of the ASEAN Community, we will make a move to the neighboring countries, too,” said Mr. Rati.

Besides the 5-kilogram rice packages for individuals, the company also distributes its product to hoteliers, resort owners, restaurants and condominiums in the form of 10 and 100 kilogram rice packages to serve their specific need. Moreover, farmers in Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khirikhan and Suphan Buri who would like to grow or sell the rice to the company are welcome to do so. However, both the company and individual farmers may need to discuss further about business requirements later.

In terms of the government’s policy on fixing prices for rice, Mr. Rati said that it might affect the price of rice distributed to the company as the company had to closely check and monitor the price. However, the company guaranteed that the price of ‘Pundee’ rice would not affect its loyal customers no matter what.