Smart Elephants on the Prowl


Mr. Mana Paumpoon, the chief of Kaeng Krachan National Park, has been working with staff of the Khao Hup Tao conservation unit Park, at Huy Sat Yai in conjunction with Special Forces soldiers to monitor wild elephants and provide special safety on the roads.

This is an area where wild elephants come to look for food and walk across the road in the harvest season and when they are hungry for food. The elephants are aware that often carry their crops via this route. An elephant named Plai Boon Choey, is a large wild elephant and also known to locals as the king of the forest. He often comes out onto the road to take food from the villagers with eight wild elephants coming out together.

The numbers of elephants has increased and in this instance the elephants may be in the same family because of the size and age differences. Officers have closely monitored the situation to warn drivers to follow the instructions strictly by not sounding their horns and do not getting out the car to take pictures. They should also stop the cars at least 50 metres away from the wild elephants and wait until they pass. Officials have consistently reported that wild elephants walk on the road to stop agricultural and fruit trucks in front of the operations centre. To aid their safety, officials have told the agriculturist to change the timing of transporting products on the route, because the elephants have learnt the timing of the transportation.