Southern flooding caused thousands to flee from home

The total amount of rainfall during the week in the southern provinces has broke its record in decades. (Photo: Thairath)

More than 18,000 residents have fled their homes due to the week-long flash flooding in the 3 southern provinces.

In Songkhla, riverbanks overflowed from nearby areas leaving hundreds of houses and farmlands underwater.  Local government agencies have started to deliver food and aid to the affected residents during the weekend.

Meanwhile in Yala, roads were impassable due to the rising water level from the riverbanks that have burst early this week. The governor had declared 8 districts as the disaster zones with several landslides being reported but no fatalities.

Director Chusak Sutthi of Yala’s Irrigation Project Office says he is concern about the low-lying areas that suffers the most, adding that the amount of rainfall in the past week has broken its record in decades.

According to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the continuous downpours in the southern region were the result of a strong northeastern monsoon, covering the mainland and the Gulf of Thailand.

Sources: The Thaiger | Phuket News