Special Saving Accounts for Hua Hin Students

Special Saving Accounts for Hua Hin Students
Special Saving Accounts for Hua Hin Students

The Jesada Technic Museum, in cooperation with the Hua Hin Municipality and Khao Tao Municipal School, has launched a project on money saving for students of the school. The project, aiming to follow the idea on money saving initiated by the late King Bhumibol, provides the students with 249 savings accounts worth a total of 124,500 THB. According to the Deputy Director of the Jesada Technic Museum Dr. Phakphum.

Detsakulrit, the Foundation discussed with the mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul and the Director of Khao Tao Muncipal School Dr. Wirat Maneepruek the possibility of giving individual students savings accounts so that they learn how to manage their daily expenses and keep some extra money for future education. Two hundred and forty nine savings accounts, each of which has an initial deposit of 500 THB, will be given to the students.

After receiving the passbook, the students need to save extra money every day. At the end of the month, they will deposit the money at the school’s bank to encourage the students to manage their expenses. they enter secondary education, the students will see how much money they have saved. This activity is also a tribute to the principle of self-sufficiency economy initiated by King Bhumibol. Dr. Phakphum said that this project originated from the idea, ‘Young Millionaire’, named by the school’s Director. Dr. Phakphum hopes that the students will become aware of the value of money how important saving money is for future living.

The money saved will assist students to further their education at the university level. The project will also enable parents to help their children to save money. If successful, the project will be extended to other local schools in Hua Hin. Located in Nakhon Chaisri District of Nakhon Pathom, the Jesada Technic Museum houses vintage cars from Europe and America for Thai and foreign visitors to admire.
The Museum also provides limousines for those who would like to pay respect to the deceased King at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. On Thai Children’s Day this year, the Museum also provided free transport and lunch for students from Khao Tao to see these vintage cars.