Staff at Prachuap prison vaccinated against COVID-19

Prachuap Prison
Prachuap Prison

Staff at Prachaup prison have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in a bid to prevent infections from spreading inside the jail.

At the time of writing (May 20), no infections had been reported at the prison.

However, health officials are battling to keep a surge of infections in prisons throughout Thailand under control.

While Thailand has generally managed to keep coronavirus numbers low for most of the year, it’s current third wave of infections has seen a huge spike in cases, with many infections now being discovered among its prison population.

On Wednesday (May 19), prison officials ordered a number of preventative measures to be put in place to help reduce the risk from infection.

As well as vaccinating all 85 staff, all visits and the delivery of goods to inmates have been suspended for 28 days.

New inmates entering the prison will be quarantined in the remand centre for 21 days and  will be required to undergo tests on the 5th and 14th day after their arrival.

Any prisoner who has displayed symptoms has also been isolated and will undergo further screening.

Disinfectant has been sprayed throughout all areas of the prison.