‘Stinger nets’ proposed for Hua Hin’s beaches to keep out jellyfish

The 'stinger nets' proposed for beaches in Hua Hin

Officials in Hua Hin are considering installing nets along the resort’s beaches in order to keep jellyfish away from the shore.

The so-called ‘stinger nets’ will be installed in waters near the beaches of Hua Hin and Khao Takiab, it has been proposed.

The nets will be attached to buoys with safe swimming areas clearly marked to inform swimmers, it was recently proposed at a meeting held between representatives from Hua Hin Municipality and the Marine Resource Conservation Division.

Officials also said the nets would not impact on the livelihoods of local fishermen but would be a boon for beachgoers and could even help boost tourism.

The beaches of Hua Hin and Cha am have always suffered problems with jellyfish, (Chysaora), especially after prolonged heavy rain when the creatures come to float in the water close to the shore to feed.

Complaints from tourists who have been painfully stung whilst enjoying a morning swim are not uncommon.

Jellyfish washed up on Hua Hin beach

Chysaora, also have the nickname ’Sea Nettles’, due to an extremely venomous sting in their tiny tentacles, the sting is released when they come into contact with human skin.

Those stung say the poisoned area feels like it is on fire, becomes swollen, red, blistered and cracked and in severe cases can cause the victim to suffer shock, breathing difficulties and even death.

Hua Hin is not the only area of Thailand with a jellyfish problem. The unusual creatures are particularly common in the waters off Koh Samui.

In October 2015, a 20 year old German tourist died following a sting from a jellyfish while swimming near Koh Samui, while a 31 year old Thai woman also died from a jellyfish sting off Koh Phangan two months earlier.

In 2019, a Russian boy survived a sting from a box jellyfish, with the incident prompting hotels in the area to put up signs warning guests about the threat of jellyfish in the waters at Lamai.

Following the incidents, stinger nets, similar to the ones proposed for Hua Hin, were installed at various beaches around Koh Samui.