Strict containment measures will bring Samut Sakhon outbreak under control

FILE PHOTO: Xinhua/Rachen Sageamsak.

Health officials in Thailand say a number of strict containment measures being executed in the central province of Samut Sakhon. Should bring the Covid-19 outbreak under control within the coming weeks.

Permanent Secretary for Health Kiatiphum Wongrajit says around 4,000 migrant workers located at the epicenter of the outbreak are being quarantined for over 10 days.

After going months with no case of local transmission Thailand is now seeing an increase of Covid-19. After a 67-year-old woman working at a Samut Sakhon fish market tested positive for the virus. Since then, the virus has spread to 45 other provinces in just 13 days.

With active cases in the Kingdom now surpassing 2,100. Most of the cases linked to the Samut Sakhon fish market have been found in migrant workers.

Department of Disease Control says workers at the center of the outbreak are being detained based on their level of immunity. He says those who have had the virus and are displaying resistance are being contained in a separate building.

And will be given certificates to confirm they are free from infection. However, their health will continue to be monitored.

Other workers who have had the virus but are not yet showing immunity will be placed in another building.

Workers who did not test positive for Covid-19 will be accommodated in another zone.