Summary of October Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan

Summary of October Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan
Summary of October Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan

According to the latest data released on October 28th, Prachuap province has accumulated a total of 14,753 positive cases and 96 deaths, elderly people accounted for 56.4 of deaths and those with underlying diseases accounted for 10.4 . Of the 14,753 cumulative total cases in the province, 2,776 are currently receiving treatment in hospital or are staying in quarantine, while a total of 12,506 have made a full recovery and have already been discharged.

Health officials reported a total of 607,727 vaccine doses have been administered in the province, of those, 330,630 people have received one dose, and 261,430 people have received two doses, while 15,667 people have received three doses. There were 17 clusters in Prachuap province and the clusters that must be closely monitored are (On October 28, the data from Prachuap’s public health were reported) as follows! – Siam Aloe Vera which has accumulated 96 cases. – Canned fruit industrial factory at Pran Buri which has accumulated 82 cases. Agricultural Industry factory which has accumulated 88 cases.

  • Natural Fruit Factory, which has a cumulative total of 199 cases.
  • Chatchai Market which has accumulated 139 cases.
  • Wang Phong Construction Camp which has accumulated 266 cases.
  • Chatkeaw Cluster which has accumulated 309 cases
  • Nong Ta Taem worker housing community which has cumulated 465 cases. The whole province has had 330,630 people who have received the first dose of the vaccine, (76.78 ), 261,430 people have received the second dose (60.71 ), 15,667 people have received the third dose, of which 54,668 are aged 60 and over, (62.14 ). 23,462 people with 7 Chronic Diseases have received the first dose of vaccination, (55.22 ).

The whole Hua Hin area has had 94,483 people who have received the first dose of vaccine, (104.33 ), and 79,162 people have received the second dose, (87.41 ) Public Health has also informed that the province still has 88,991 tablets of favipiravir in its inventory. In the new wave of outbreaks since April, the death toll has tended to be higher.

The risk factors data for those infected that later died, found 50 (52.1 ) of them contracted through contact with relatives/ family members, 26 (27.1 ) has physical contact with friends at work The daily number of Covid-19 infected people continues to be high in Prachuap province, on average more than a hundred positive test are recorded per day.

The consistently high numbers in the area continue to be linked to clusters of new cases, especially in canning factories and construction worker camps where migrant workers are among those infected. A team of public health officials has coordinated with relevant agencies to expedite the investigation and control of the disease by bringing infected people to be treated and quarantined among high-risk contacts, it also undertakes proactive searches in order to contain the virus’s transmission as soon as possible.

In the Pranburi district, it is currently necessary to establish a field hospital in order to increase the number of beds available to accept patients after there has been an increase in the number of infected patients there. Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries in Prachuap, Mr Wirat Piyaphonpaiboon, has come out to clarify that the Covid-19 cluster found in 4 fruit processing factories in the Pranburi district has had no impact on production for export.

He also said that the health authorities had been able to control the outbreak clusters and that the overall situation is nothing to worry about and will not affect the people who live around the factory. Also, the operators still buy pineapples and aloe vera from local farmers to produce products for export as usual and there is no impact on the price of the product, although all factories have slightly reduced their raw material purchases compared to normal times. The number of employees in the four factories is over 1,500 and all employees have received 2 injections of vaccination, the reason for the infection of the factory workers he says, was due to external factors and force majeure, currently more than 300 workers have been infected.

As for preventive measures after this, Myanmar workers working in the factory will now be allowed to live in the factory dormitory where the factory will provide 3 full meals per day, and from now on workers in all departments will take weekly ATK tests.

In the past month, tourism to Cha-Am and Hua Hin, especially during the long weekend was very high, there was an average hotel room booking over the 4 days of about 85 , with most of the customers being Thais who took advantage of phase 3 of the government funded ºWe travel together’ project, where tourists will actually pay only 60 of the room price with the government paying the remaining 40 .

Direct flights between Hua Hin Chiang Mai have also seen very high passenger numbers. However, the provincial department of public health has asked tour operators to ensure that they strictly comply with public health measures.