Summary of September Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan

Summary of September Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan
Summary of September Covid-19 situation report; Prachuap Khiri Khan

According to the latest data released on September 30th, Prachuap province has accumulated a total of 10,604 positive cases and 75 deaths, elderly people accounted for 63.5% of deaths and those with underlying diseases accounted for 23%.

Of the 10,604 cumulative total cases in the province, 1,086 are currently receiving treatment in hospital or are staying in quarantine, while a total of 10,014 have made a full recovery and have already been discharged.

Health officials reported a total of 475,879 vaccine doses have been administered in the province, of those, 267,076 (62.0%) people have received first dose, and 200,055 people have received second doses (46%), while 8,748 people have received third doses, of which 49,870 are aged 60 and over, (56.61%). 23,462 people with 7 Chronic Diseases have received the first dose of vaccination, (55.22%).

The whole Hua Hin area has had 80,289 people who have received the first dose of vaccine, (88.65%), 65,261 people have received the second dose, (72.06%) and 2,468 people have received the third dose. At present, there are 1,052 beds left in the province to accommodate patients (including hospital and field hospitals) as of the reporting date.

The clusters that must be closely monitored are as follows:

– Prachuap Khiri khan Prison which has accumulated 551 patients.
– Shrimp Farm in Kui Buri, which has a cumulative total of 34 cases.
– Canned fruit industrial factory at Kuiburi which has accumulated 490 patients.
– Baan Isara Restaurant in Hua Hin which has accumulated 17 cases.
– Military Sergeant School, which has found 313 cumulative total cases.
– Ice plant in Pran Buri which has accumulated 51 patients.
– Ocean liner business which has accumulated 18 patients
– New cluster at Huai Sat Yai, which has found 17 cumulative total cases.

Public Health has also informed that the province still has 82,151 tablets of favipiravir in its inventory. In the new wave of outbreaks since April, the death toll has tended to be higher.

The risk factors data for those infected that later died, found 38 of them contracted through contact with relatives/family members, 14 has physical contact with friends at work, and 13 traveled to high-risk areas. 49 of the deaths had congenital disease and were not vaccinated.