SWAT Challenge 2022: Elite Thai police units compete in Cha Am


Special Weapons and Tactics police (SWAT) are competing in the SWAT Challenge 2022, which is being held at the Naresuan Camp in Cha Am.

There are 12 units participating in the competition, consisting of Provincial Police Region 1-9, Central Investigation Bureau, Special Branch Bureau and Narcotics Suppression Bureau.

The competition is divided into five stages based on tactical operations, beginning with (1) movement, (2) assault, (3) sniper, (4) combined assault and sniper actions, and (5) movement over obstacles.

The event in Cha Am follows the guidelines from the annual SWAT Challenge which is held in Dubai, which sees over 30 SWAT teams from 24 countries compete.

On Monday (May 30), teams completed the movement stage, which requires units to move through a course at speed.

The winners of the stage were Hanuman from the Central Investigation Bureau, while the unit for Provincial Police Region 2 finished in second place and Provincial Police Region 4 finished in third.

The Hanuman unit is the SWAT unit of the Royal Thai Police and was set up in 2019 to replace the police commando unit.

The Hanuman unit normally works under the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) to handle special cases or unique situations.

Officers in Hanuman are well equipped with both light and heavy weaponry. Some members of Hanuman have received special training in the United States from the FBI.

The SWAT Challenge 2022 in Cha Am is being held until June 4.

Image: Siamrath