Thai hackers arrested for fraud via Facebook, LINE

Three Thai suspects arrested for hacking Facebook and LINE accounts of others and tricked them out of millions of baht.

Crime Suppression Division police arrested three suspects who allegedly hacked Facebook and LINE accounts of others and used them to trick people out of millions of baht.

Two women identified only as Sararat and Chutikan and a man identified only as Apichart were arrested for the alleged crime.

Police said Miss Sararat and Miss Chutikan hacked Facebook and LINE accounts of other people and use the accounts to borrow money from people in the contact lists of hacked accounts. People in the contact lists transferred them 10,000-30,000 baht at a time.

Miss Sararat was arrested in Min Buri district of Bangkok. She confessed to the crime and told police that she was hired by Mr Apichart, a boyfriend of Miss Chutikan, to open three bank accounts to receive transferred money. She received 2,000 baht per opened account and 1,000-2,000 baht for each withdrawal of money at ATMs.

Miss Chutikan admitted to being aware of the hacks while Mr Apichart said the crime started in 2016 and caused damage worth millions of baht. (TNA)

Source: Pattaya Mail