Thai officials found heroin and ketamine suspected for shipment to Taiwan

Photo: Thairath

Officials confiscated 300 kilograms of ketamine and 228 kilograms of heroin in a series of raids in Bangkok and Nonthaburi.

A suburb just outside the capital city. Police assume the drugs were awaiting shipment to Taiwan.

The Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau collaborated with Taiwan’s Central Criminal Investigation Bureau for the operation.

Yesterday police raided a warehouse in Nonthaburi, seizing 300 kilograms of ketamine. The bust-led to another raid at a home in Bangkok’s Huai Khwang district where officers captured 228 kilograms of heroin.

Police are still looking for the homeowner. Officers also arrested 29-year-old Saowapha Nasalee on charges of controlling illegal materials with intent to sell.

She was hired to pack the drugs before shipment.