Thailand unlikely to abolish the draft

Thai Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon says military conscription won’t be scrapped any time soon, as there aren’t enough volunteers signing up for service.
Prawit told reporters conscription is meant to avoid manpower shortfalls, but admitted that conscripts represent a small percentage of all recruits, appearing to contradict himself.
“If conscription is abolished and something untoward happens to Thailand, there won’t be enough soldiers. Who would be responsible then?”
Even if the government ended conscription, lawmakers would have to amend a number of laws.
“Public opinion would also have to be factored in if conscription were abolished.”
“A new method of recruitment would have to be put in place, because the current system has been in place for decades.”
With a population of 67 million, Thailand has an Army of around 350,000. It has over 1,700 generals and admirals, more than the total number of Thai warships, tanks, and aircraft, according to the Bangkok Post.
More than 300 generals work in the capital, and senior officers have aides and military conscripts to act as their ‘slaves’ and do all the household work.
Not a single general or admiral has been involved in a conflict since the Thai-Laos border conflicts in 1988.
By Greeley Pulitzer
Source: Bangkok Post / Chiang Rai Time