Thailand’s ‘new normal’ – getting ready after April 30

Social distancing is a must for Thailand's 'new normal'.

Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, CCSA spokesman said yesterday in his daily media briefing that the government is trying to find the exact balance between public’s health safety and the necessity of reopening businesses to boost up a dying economy.

“They have to stay in balance, and go along with each other. Provinces with no virus cases were high on the list to be allowed to ease restrictions.”

Dr Kamnuan Ungchusak, an adviser to Thailand’s public health minister, says the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Trade of Thailand, and the Federation of Thai Industries have agreed that before any businesses will be allowed to reopen, they must be categorised according to the level of risk.

“They must also calculate how much space they have and how many customers should be allowed inside to keep possible transmission to a minimum while they must also ensure their premises are well-ventilated.”

“High-risk businesses such as bars, pubs, entertainment venues, and karaoke establishments will remain closed.”

“Medium-risk businesses, such as barber shops, hair salons, restaurants, food shops, department stores and shopping malls, would be allowed to reopen gradually, though they must not hold sales which draw large numbers of customers and record entry and exit information to track customers.”

“A nationwide real-time monitoring system should be implemented to provide people with updates on local transmissions.”

“If these guidelines are followed, pro­vinces which have no new infections may be allowed to reopen first.”

Restrictions could also be eased in provinces which remain free of infections until the end of this month, as well as 38 other provinces that has very, very few infections.

Source: Bangkok Post