The sang foundation fundraising to continue providing food relief program for the unemployed of Hua Hin

The sang foundation fundraising
The sang foundation fundraising to continue providing food relief program for the unemployed of Hua Hin

The Sang Foundation has launched a new fundraising campaign to help people in Hua Hin & Cha-am severely affected by Covid-19. Since April 2020 the foundation has been delivering food packages, sponsoring students to return to school, and provided vital medicines for the disabled. It has been collaborating with local supermarkets and the SOS Food Rescue team to deliver and distribute the meals, to date The Sang Foundation has donated to over 40,000 families and continues with its work to support those in need.

The third wave of Covid-19 hit business hard and especially those people that work in tourism and hospitality, many have lost their jobs and their income through no fault of their own and urgently need support to feed their families. Be they housekeepers, hotel staff, golf caddies or bar & restaurant workers, they all lost their income and need help to see them through to better times ahead.

The Sang Foundation is aiming to raise THB 900,000 for this food program. Matsumi Adachi, the founder of The Sang Foundation said, “The third wave has devastated the once lively town and our goal is to alleviate hunger. With the vaccine rollout underway business will slowly reopen and we hope that people can return to work and be once again selfsufficient soon.” Former Miss Supranational Thailand, Maythavee Burapasing, said “I have been following The Sang Foundation and their activities since Covid hit Thailand, the work that Matsumi and the volunteers are doing in Hua Hin and Cha-am is very much appreciated.

For this area to rebound quickly it will depend on a little generosity by everyone, I urge everyone to help by donating and to spread the word on social media.” Matsumi shared with us the information of how the THB 900,000 will be spent: Each meal is THB 30 and the target is to provide 30,000 meals plus drinks.

The transportation, petrol and miscellaneous combined is THB 10,000 per delivery, the volunteers deliver 3 times a week. THB 900,000 will support the food programme for 30 weeks and sustain the community until October at which time it is hoped tourism businesses will reopen. To give support please visit