UPDATE: Hua Hin water supply disruption nearing resolution as officials identify causes


If you live in Hua Hin and have experienced problems with the water supply in recent days, you’re not alone.

Large parts of the town have seen little or no water with some having to rely on water trucks to refill tanks at their property in order to have a supply of tap water.

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However, officials on Monday (Sept 18) said the situation was nearing resolution.

The cause of the water outage?

At least two broken water pipes and a technical issue at the Pranburi dam, which is a major source of water for much of Hua Hin.

On Sunday, in an effort to address the disruption, the Hua Hin municipality installed a new pipeline connecting to the Hua Na reservoir.

By Monday morning, one of the primary causes of the water outage – a broken pipe on Soi 102 was identified and repaired. Additionally, another damaged pipe was located and fixed on Soi 88, according to municipal officials.

Earlier on Monday, Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, the Mayor of Hua Hin, along with a delegation that included Mr. Atichat Chaiyasi, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Jeerawat Phraamani, the Municipal Clerk, members of the Municipal Council, and key officials from the Municipal Engineering and Public Health Department, as well as representatives from the Waterworks and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Departments, inspected a critical water pipe break site. This break, situated near the railway roundabout of Bon Kai and Kao Pitak communities, had left the area without water for approximately two to three days.

Upon investigation, the Waterworks Department of Hua Hin Municipality ascertained the interruption was due to two primary broken pipe points.

While the issue on Soi 102 had already been rectified, the pipe under a drainage conduit near the railway roundabout was found to be the second problematic site.

Mayor Wuthikul fast-tracked the repair efforts, and the pipe was repaired late on Monday afternoon.

Additionally, other disruptions in water supply, not flowing at full capacity, were attributed, in part, to an electricity outage at Pranburi Dam. This prevented water supply from reaching the municipality’s reservoir. However, the municipality has since taken measures to address this complication.

Residents still experiencing water shortages are advised to reach out to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department for water truck service assistance. They can be contacted at phone number 032-511666.

Hua Hin Municipality said it extends its apologies for the inconvenience faced by its residents and is committed to restoring consistent water supply as soon as possible.