Vehicles emitting black smokes will be fined up to 5,000 Baht


Owners of cars and trucks emitting an extreme amount of black smoke face a fine up to 5,000 baht. The heavy fine is an effort to reduce air pollution in Bangkok.

The Department of Land Transport will also order the vehicle to be suspended from use until its emission system is fixed.

According to the department from October last year until January, 689,333 vehicles in Bangkok districts have been investigated.

While 8,762 of them have been suspended from usage. Those vehicles emitting black smoke but are under the safety standard will receive warnings and owners are required to check vehicle conditions and proper maintenance.

Vehicles with exceeding black smoke are urged to check their vehicles at the department’s certified vehicle inspection centres located around Bangkok’s outskirts.

including the following areas:

  • Phutthamonthon
  • Romklao
  • Khlong Luang areas.

Motorists are also encouraged to help reduce air contamination caused by black smoke and PM2.5 particles by having their vehicles regularly serviced or switching to electric.

People who witness vehicles emitting black smoke can also report the authorities by calling 1584

Or contact Line: @1584DLT

Or via DLT GPS mobile application.

Original writer: Som-O

Source: Thethaiger