Villagers oppose new electric waste disposal plant in Sam Roi Yot

Villagers oppose new electric waste disposal plant in Sam Roi Yot
Villagers oppose new electric waste disposal plant in Sam Roi Yot

Villagers at Sam Roi Yot joined together to submit a letter to oppose the plans for an electric waste disposal plant in the area because they are afraid of the impact on the environment and the community. On August 26th, in front of the Silaloi district office of Sam Roi Yot, Prachuap Khiri Khan, more than 50 villagers from 2 sub-districts went to submit a letter of complaint to the Damrongtham district centre to oppose the construction of an electric waste disposal plant, in fear that it will affect the livelihoods of villagers, the environment and also agricultural crops.

Mrs Noppawan Pankong, the representative of the villagers, said that locally they have heard reports of plans to construct a new waste disposal plant in the Rai Khao area of the Khao Noi Municipality, and they are strongly opposed to it. The mooted ‘Electric energy from waste’ project that has been discussed as the solution for the Hua Hin waste problem needs a site for its home but clearly nobody wants it in their ºback garden».

The villagers have valid concerns that it would certainly have a negative impact on the quality of their lives and damage their physical health and their local environment and ecosystem. They came to submit a letter to the Damrongtham centre in an attempt to verify the facts of whether or not plans have been submitted, and if so at what stage the plans have reached. If it is true and the construction is planned they want their voices to be heard that they are strongly against it and wish to block the plan.

They feel their lives will be ruined and the negative impacts on mental health and livelihoods cannot be measured in financial terms, the impact will not only be felt in a small area but in fact by the whole district.

“This will have a severe effect on everything, the pollution impacts people, animals and the environment”. If the construction is completed, the factory will receive up to 400 tons of waste per day from all areas of the province, this means heavy volumes of large trucks transporting garbage into the area, about 70 trips per day, which will cause pollution, and toxic fumes and substances affecting the daily life of the people in the region.

Mr Natakorn Temchayakul, Senior Permanent Secretary of Sam Roi Yot district, has received the villagers’ complaints, and he has promised them that he will investigate the matter with the relevant authorities and report back to them with details of any plans and how far they have reached.