Waste disposal to be a big future problem

Waste disposal to be a big future problem
Waste disposal to be a big future problem

Thanarat Camp Infantry Centre in Pranburi has been used as a waste disposal centre since August 2nd 2001 on a 20 year agreement which will conclude on August 1st this year. The camp has informed the 21 local government organisations and administrations, including the municipality of Hua Hin, that it intends to return that area to military training and to carry out unit reinforcement in several projects.

Prachuap province had made a request to continue use of the area to dispose of solid waste for a while, but the Infantry Centre has informed that the Army, after due consideration does not approve of the move. At present, all 21 local government organisations, including the municipalities of Hua Hin, Pranburi, Sam Roi Yot, Kui Buri, Mueang and Thap Sakae, have been told to stop disposing of waste at the collective waste treatment pond and landfill from 1uly 2021 onward. 4r. 2riengkrai Thawikan, Mayor of Nong Phlup sub-district, has revealed that he has discussed with local government organisations about finding a new solution for many years, and asked the administrators to adhere to the principle of self-reliance or to form a cluster to jointly help eliminate solid waste.

Prachuap Khiri Khan province is a tourist area and should not be causing this negative environmental impact with its garbage problem, it has never made any progress in solving the issue and Hua Hin district will be the most critical. Two years ago, the government and the Ministry of Interior announced that local authorities have accelerated waste treatment throughout the country as a priority, but in practice, it appears that provincial level agencies only held a few meetings about it.

In addition, provincial executives have not been interested in planning ahead for waste disposal and the results of some research institutions clearly confirm that waste proQects in each province are not suitably advanced. The failure is mainly down to the locality and form of disposal, “In the past many areas of the municipality and the sub-district administrative organisation have had conflicts of interest, and some authorities see personal interests more than the interests of the people,” said Kriengkrai.

Hua Hin municipality employs a private company to collect about 160- 190 tons of waste per day and previously, since 1994, used the area of Ban Nong Pran Phuk in Thap Tai sub-district for disposal, that permission was contested by Thap Tai and permission was cancelled.

Then Hua Hin municipality moved its operation to use the area in the Thanarat Camp Infantry Centre until this recent situation arose, after consideration Tha Yang and Khao Yoi districts in Phetchaburi province have now been approached to become the venue of a new disposal site. The municipality asks for cooperation from every household and every community to help reduce the amount of waste, and turn to use environmentally friendly products based on the principle of, ‘less use, reuse, recycle’.

The committee has considered a method of converting waste into electrical energy in Prachuap province in order to solve problems in the long term as well, but for sure a format of waste management must be discussed again, and a solution found, whether it will be working together with all 21 localities or not. The target disposal cost is 321 baht per ton.