Woman arrested for fraud visa services to migrant workers

Blue Thai Work Permit book (WP.11) on electronic passport isolated on white background

A 45 year old Thai woman was arrested after offering fake visa services to hundreds of migrant workers, mounting to 7 million baht. Ms Wassana Wongkhamjan was arrested at her residence where police found about 40 passports with receipts inserted.

The residence was registered to KPS Management Company. Wassana denied the fraud charges saying she has not received money from migrant workers, but job brokers had.

The arrest comes after 300 migrant workers grew restless as the October 31 deadline for their work permit renewals approaches, in which they filed complaints against the company. They claimed the company said it could arrange the renewal of passports and visas, with workers being charged between 5,000 and 17,000 baht without receiving the agreed service.

What is more apprehensive is the apparent attempt by Wassana to “get in good” with officials after her arrest., as human rights groups say she was seen posing with officials in some social media platforms.

Sources: Nation Thailand | The Thaiger