50 Years from the MGB to the MG3 Only The Badge Remains the Same!

50 Years from the MGB
50 Years from the MGB to the MG3 Only The Badge Remains the Same!

The second car I owned was a Morris 850, then known by everyone as the Mini. Some years later another Morris-inspired car was my 1967 ‘baby blue’ MGB; dramatically different from the Mini.

Small cars have come a long way since those ‘Morris days’. It’s no wonder that cheap cars are getting more and more popular with manufacturers recognising the needs of cost-conscious drivers using fast-moving technologies. Taking an MG 3 for a test drive shaped as a nostalgic experience. Could this really be a latter-day hybrid of my previous MG experiences or maybe something completely different? The answer? the MG badge was the same but otherwise a very different driving experience.

The MG brand (Morris Garage) was purchased in 2005 by  the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group which merged into SAIC in 2008. The first all-new model from MG, the MG 6, was officially launched in 2011. The Rayong-assembled MG3 is the second MG to be introduced to Thailand. The hatch tapped into its 90 years of heritage being designed and engineered at the company’s Longbridge facility in Birmingham. The MG 3 is a fresh-faced, handsome little car, bristling with sports-car styling cues: the wide mesh grille, the edgy up-turned LED running lights, and the blacked-out A-pillars that create a wrap-around look to the windscreen.  It’s a very neat piece of design.