Aquapower H2 Technology

Aquapower H2 Technology
Aquapower H2 Technology

In a recent interview with Mr. Steve Chalitaporn one was left with not only hope but a renewed outlook of the power of positive thinking. Mr.Steve Chalitoporn, an 81-yearold entrepreneur, shared his energy and passion about the benefits and need for implementing and designing different methods for all of us to decrease the every concerning negative carbon footprint being left behind.

Focus and determination are but a few of the qualities one needs to make an impact in the world and Mr. Chalitaporn has both. He has spent countless hours and resources in developing and implementing Aquapower Hydrogen technology for vehicles, vehicles that are used each and every day and that contribute to the huge environmental concerns we are now facing. Mr. Chalitaporn freely admits this technology, and its potential solution to environmental waste from vehicle emissions is not that new nor that complicated. A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its on board fuel for motive power. Such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy by burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine.

H2 Aquapower Hydrogen Technology, Mr. Chalitaporn’s company, holds a patented piece of technology that produces hydrogen from pure water and feeds it on demand to a combustion engine’s intake manifold of a motorcar’s engine. Having won many awards including Thailand’s Innovation Award he confidently states that this system will increase octane ratings, horse power and torque while decreasing engine ware and tare, fuel consumption, engine heating and best of all a smoother ride. Pure determination and exhausted effort are just two of the characteristics that have led Mr. Chalitaporn to realize his goal of providing an energy efficient, environmentally conscience and cost saving solution to the ever real threat of negative vehicle emissions. Mr. Chalitaporn believes that the key to his success has been 2 fold.

First, he argues, all entrepreneurs must think outside the box; ensuring not to be trapped or taken down by other’s failure. Second, everyone must adapt and integrate new technologies into whatever they are attempting to create. In his case, advancement of car technology has been key to his success. The change from analogue systems to digital and his ability to adapt and develop his ideas alongside these changes has made all the difference in moving from the conceptual to a real and tangible product ready for any vehicle type. Using this system will allow your vehicle to travel faster, and decrease energy consumption; saving you at least 30 percent or more. Clients have the option of a DIY system or may choose to have the company complete installation of the system for them. H2 Aquapower Hydrogen Technology can be used in every car type, while other similar systems are limited to only one, and the next natural step is to actively promote this system within the trucking and shipping industries.

Although car manufacturers are heading toward electric motors, a gap still remains. The time it will take for electric vehicles to be ‘the norm’ will take time and as such demands alternatives to bridge the gap between fossil fuel powered vehicles and the time when electric vehicles are common place. Mr. Chalitaporn and his company, H2 Aquapower Hydrogen Technology allows one to participate in this green technology; decreasing one’s own carbon footprint and at the same time benefiting from the savings. Sustainability is essential and must be at the forefront of everyone’s mind so believes Mr. Chalitaporn. “The only way to successfully establish sustainable systems and technologies is through education.”

The H2 Aquapower team regularly visits different educational institutions to demonstrate, educate and participate with both students and teachers. “Working together, sharing ideas and concepts is the clear pathway to success.” Mr. Chalitaporn is tireless in his pursuit to leave the world in a better place. His desire to ‘give back’ to his country has been his main motivation and a promise he made to his father keeps his drive and determination alive and well.