Charging Ahead to a Solar Powered Motoring Future

Charging Ahead to a Solar Powered Motoring Future
Charging Ahead to a Solar Powered Motoring Future

Sion is the electric car of the German start-up Sono Motors. Its battery can be charged using or its own solar cells or the electric grid . The founders have been working on the realisation of the Sion since 2012. In 2016 and 2017, crowd funding campaigns were used to finance the implementation.

The roof, bonnet and large parts of the outer shell of the body are equipped with highly efficient monocrystalline silicon cells protected by a layer of polycarbonate. Efficiency is guaranteed by the lightweight design. The drive is a three-phase asynchronous motor with a power of 80 kW (109 Hp). The motor voltage is 400 V. With the rear wheel drive, a top speed of 140 km/h can be achieved.

The Sion is to have a range of approximately 250 km under realistic conditions. The owner of the vehicle is able to use his / her mobile phone app to offer other people electric power (power-sharing), ridesharing or car-sharing. The Sion will cost 16,000 euros (600,000 THB) plus the battery in its standard configuration. The battery will be offered either at a monthly amount or for purchase. The one-time purchase price of the battery is projected to be less than 4,000 euros.

To protect from harmful environmental influences the solar cells are covered with polycarbonate. It is shatterproof, light and particularly weather resistant. In the interior, a natural filter made of moss regulates the humidity and filters fine dust. No worries, you do not have to water it. It requires no special care at all.

The integrated charger allows you to charge batteries through a charger. With a charging power of 50 kW, the batteries can be charged up to 80 % in 30 minutes. Therefore it is possible to charge the car with an average household plug. Thanks to the function of bidirectional charging, you can also draw energy from the Sion and power your devices wherever you are, you can also charge other electric vehicles. Even a washing machine, dryer and an electric iron can be operated simultaneously. In combination with the solar integration the Sion becomes a mobile power plant at any time!