Driving Cool in Hot Weather

Driving Cool in Hot Weather
Driving Cool in Hot Weather

The current hot weather does not only bother commuters, but it also causes potential problems to the cars. Careful preparation is important for both comfort and driving safety.

Here are a few tips on how to continue driving with comfort under the scorching

1. Follow maintenance schedules properly Engines work harder in hot weather, especially during the daytime. Making appropriate appointments at service centres is very important. Tyres, brakes, cooling systems as well as air-conditioning systems should be regularly checked by mechanics.

2. Avoid outdoor parking in bright sunlight Strong sun glare does not only damage car paint, but it also negatively affects car interior components. Indoor parking or the use of heat-deflecting shields are highly recommended.

3. Lower windows or open doors before starting the engine Lowering car windows or opening doors before starting the engine helps reduce internal heat faster. All windows should be opened before the engine is started and before entering the car.

4. Wear sun glasses and take steps to protect children Strong sun glare can negatively affect drivers and passengers inside the vehicles. Sun cream should be applied for long journeys, especially on the arms. Shields should be used to protect children in the backseat. Sunglasses should be worn. Long trips in bright sunlight can be made enjoyable with an entertainment system which is easy to use.

5. Thoroughly clean all glass windows Sunlight is brighter and lasts longer in the summer, especially in the morning and before sunset. The windshield receives direct sunlight for longer periods. Dust or unclean windows can seriously affect vision. It is recommended that all windows and especially the windshield be washed regularly. Sunroofs should have UV protection to keep the vehicle interiors cooler. 6. Beware of freak rainstorms Rainstorms are not unusual in the summer, so drivers must be prepared. Roads can be more slippery than usual as accumulated dust, oil and rain are a potentially dangerous mix.

7. Don’t abandon children or pets in the cars even for a second Interior car temperature under a hot sun can shoot up very quickly when the vehicle is parked. Lowering the windows a little doesn’t help much. Car users must never leave children or pets behind in their vehicles, even for a second. Car interiors can reach extreme temperatures with potentially fatal results..

8. Drive in a relaxed mood A cool car interior should go hand in hand with a calm and relaxed mood for both the driver and passengers. Strictly observing traffic rules along with a relaxed mood will enhance driving satisfaction and safety.