Five Advantages of Turbo Engines You Might Not Know

Five Advantages of Turbo Engines You Might Not Know
Five Advantages of Turbo Engines You Might Not Know

One of the current trends in automotive technology is the utilisation of smaller displacement engines enhanced to produce power and torque levels on par with larger displacement engines.

This is commonly dubbed “engine downsizing” which has long been the norm in Europe and USA, but only just became popular in Thailand. Engine downsizing offer solutions to both rising fuel prices and improving tailpipe emissions both also satisfying environmentally conscious consumers. In the last past few years, many European car brands have introduced such technologies to the Thai market but due to their novelty, the vehicle prices are still beyond the reach of most consumers, but that is changing. The turbo comprises primarily of two major components: the turbine and the compressor. Both are shaped like a turbine (think windmill) and both are linked to a common connecting axle and, of course, spin together.

The turbine is propelled by the exhaust gas from the engine’s combustion chambers which, in non-turbo engines, would otherwise be expelled through the exhaust tailpipe. At the same time, the compressor side of the turbo compresses the air that goes into the combustion chambers with much higher efficiency than non-turbo or normally aspirate engine can. Therefore, a turbocharged engine is more efficient in getting more air into the engine more quickly due to this higher and continuous compression. Placing more air-fuel mixture in to the combustion chambers result in more energetic combustion – essentially a more powerful and efficient combustion is produced. Thus more power is gained using less fuel which result in cleaner, lower emissions for better environmental care.

Here are 5 advantages of a turbo that that you may like to consider:

1. Engine tenability to suit varying driving styles

Apart from selecting the most suitable engine for a particular model, turbo enhancement opens up a much wider range of application to suit different kinds of driving. The key is the wide range of turbo boost pressure that can be manipulated or tuned by the engineers. Turbo tuning can help with increased agility in city driving, better acceleration and fuel economy. At the same time, it can enhance engine performance and more responsive highway driving.

2. Enhanced engine performance

A turbo can more efficiently increase air intake into the engine thereby improving air-fuel mixture and combustion without the need to increase engine displacement. A properly engineered turbocharged engine with relative small displacement can offer more performance than a non-turbocharged engine of much larger displacement.

3. Saves fuel

When a car manufacturer decide to use smaller engine with turbo technology to replace larger non-turbo engines, the performance requirement must remain on par or better to offer drivers drivability in every day driving. Since we know a turbo significantly improve efficiency of an engine, it also results in more efficient use of fuel. Simply put, a properly engineered turbocharged vehicle offer enhanced driving performance while saving fuel at the same time compared to a comparably powered non-turbo vehicle.

4. More environmentally friendly

Not only does a turbo help improve performance, it also help to reduce emissions by enhancing the efficiency of the combustion process. By harnessing the energy of the exhaust gas to propel the turbine which in turn drives the compressor squeezing huge amount of air to mix with fuel produce a more compressed air-fuel mixture which enables a higher energy and efficiency combustion every time resulting in more power and cleaner exhaust. A cleaner exhaust means less harmful emissions of Carbon Dioxide (Co2), meaning better care for the environment.

5. More fun to drive and increased reliability

In the past, turbo was used to exploit as much power as possible in racing application or high-performance sports car. However, modern turbo application in everyday car is focused on offering drivers drivability by taking advantage of increased torque and acceleration. This means that modern everyday car with turbo can be more fun to drive.