Los Angeles Motor Show: Top 10 LA debuts

Los Angeles Motor Show: Top 10 LA debuts
Los Angeles Motor Show: Top 10 LA debuts
Los Angeles Motor Show: Top 10 LA debuts
Los Angeles Motor Show: Top 10 LA debuts

With a huge number of world debuts and 50 North American premieres, the 2015 US east coast show was one of the biggest shows this year in terms of new model announcements. Like any other show though, some reveals were more important than others. Here’s what the experts think were the most exciting.

#10 Honda Civic Coupe

Who doesn’t love a sassy coupe? Hard edges, an aggressive nose and a hatch-like rear-end – all covered in spectacular electric green paintwork — give Honda a bridge between its workaday four-door and the upcoming Type-R hot hatch.

#9 Infiniti QX30

It mightn’t seem the most exciting of SUVs, but the Infiniti QX30 shows a lot of promise for the Nissan’s relatively unknown global luxury brand. Not only will it likely become the best-selling model in the Japanese car-maker’s line-up, it’s also a genuine contender to the likes of Audi’s Q3, the BMW X1, Lexus NX.

#8 Cadillac XT5

The Cadillac XT5 is pretty big news stateside. Replacing the aging SRX, the XT5 is the first of a series of SUVs to wear Cadillac’s new nomenclature, and one we reckon looks pretty impressive to boot. And let’s not forget that rev-happy new 3.6-litre V6.

#7 Mazda CX-9

You might say SUVs are as dull as dishwater, but as family trucksters go we reckon this one’s pretty inviting. Taking styling cues from the Koeru concept, Mazda’s all-new seven-seat SUV brings KODO design and SKYACTIV technology to the Japanese brand’s biggest passenger model while also improving safety and technology levels.

#6 Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Arguably better suited to the concrete jungle than the real Amazon, this faux four-by-four has the looks and pedigree of its Freelander-based hard-top and the style and substance of a soft-top suburbanite. With a price range starting at $85K we can’t see it selling in droves, but it could well become a must-have fashion accessory for the well-to-do.

#5 Buick LaCrosse

It might scream ‘yank tank’, but the LaCrosse provides the best clues yet to the look – outside and in – and mechanical make-up of Holden’s imported nextgeneration Commodore from Germany. Squint hard enough and here’s a solid preview of Holden’s new large family car flagship, and we know you’ll prefer it to the Malibu…

#4 Mercedes-Benz SL

Now this is a little more like it – the new Mercedes SL Convertible. Drawing styling cues from the AMG GT, this sensual two-door sports flagship brings a more focussed look than the outgoing model, adding a new front and rear, new lights and fender vents we can’t help but gasp over. Oh, and did we mention its bi-turbo V12?

#3 Porsche 911

Yawn, another Porsche variant. Maybe. But this one is yellow… and it is a completely track-focussed weapon! Kitted out with a roll-cage, 911 GT3 Cup-sourced suspension, a sizzling 3.8-litre flat six and a single sports seat, it’s one Cayman we wouldn’t mind tucked in our long-term garage, but alas won’t grace Australian tracks.

#2 Fiat 124 Spider

We love the MX-5, and Fiat promises to make it more interesting. More power, and more divisive styling. Yep, sounds interesting to us. The Fiat 124 Spider not only recaptures the nostalgia of a ‘60s Italian nameplate but, with pricing similar to its Japanese donor, should offer low-end convertible buyers a second option… at least until Toyota brings a soft-top 86.

#1 Lamborghini Huracan RWD

450kW to the rear wheels. Are you mad? Apparently so; and that’s what makes this Lambo one of the best cars of the 2015 LA Auto Show. The lighter, limited-production model is also $50,000 cheaper than the AWD model that retails for a smidge under half-a-million bucks.