Morris Garage boasts hi-tech features in its new electric vehicles


A car’s design is vital to suit each driver’s lifestyle and the pleasure from well thought-out creators is yet additional reward for sophisticated drivers.

Morris Garage or MG kicked off the new decade with its revolutionary Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in SUV form. The SUV embraces the future of electric cars. Forward-thinking drivers in Thailand are therefore delighted to welcome in 2020 the “NEW MG ZS EV” with world-class technology, more utilities, less cost and pollution, and an exhilarating experience.

The NEW MG ZS EV is MG’s first EV that will elevate quality of life and the environment alike. This European-style SUV is 100% electric and features a unique design of superior elegance and modernity.

The Copenhagen blue exterior comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and a charger behind the front grille. The interior design is black and features soft-touch front console and multifunctional sport steering wheel that connects to the 8-inch colour touch screen.

The cabin is wide and comfortable, with a distinct panoramic sunroof and clean air filtration system up to PM2.5 particles.

MG is continuously developing its technology and this time the outcome is a new Lithium-ion battery with capacity of 44.5 kWh. This ensures constant acceleration, quiet drive, and no pollution. Built-in Liquid Cooling System helps elongate the battery life and efficiency.

Moreover, MG has developed the Advanced Synchronized Protection System, a safety system for FSF body structure and driving system such as intelligent high-beam control, adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, lane-related assist, warning, and prevention, and rear cross traffic alert.

Besides Easy Drive and Easy Charging, the NEW MG ZS EV provides: Easy Connect – the i-SMART system operated by voice control and mobile application checks battery level, real-time charging status and duration, and finds nearby charging stations; Easy Maintenance – the maintenance cost is only 8,545 baht for 100,000 kilometres and MG offers module change for impaired battery performance without having to replace the entire battery.


This SUV offers partial automation; that is, the speed and steering wheel can be automatically controlled by Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with the driver being the main navigator in noticing obstacles, assessing circumstances, and responding to driving incidents.

All these state-of-the-art and consumer-oriented technologies offer a perfect fit for sporting drivers who value excellence and opportunities. Needless to say, MGs are the smart vehicles of the future that define your own style today.

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Source: Bangkok Post | Sponsored Content