Taking A Mazda To The Marina

Taking A Mazda To The Marina
Taking A Mazda To The Marina

The next phase of the development of the Pranburi Marina is underway. New ownership means there are big plans for the future. There is a Thai Government’s plan to position Thailand as a ‘Marina Hub of ASEAN’ to help stimulate growth for the Thai economy and the tourism sector. So with leadership and commitment this facility and Hua Hin aims to take a place alongside the more established boating and yachting locations of Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi and Kho Samui. Being re-branded as the ‘Racer Marina’ may give one hint of things to come. High powered off-shore racing boats feature in photos on the walls inside the Marina.

This includes the record crossing between Miami and Havana of 90 minutes over a distance of around 60 nautical miles; similar to the distance between the shores of Hua Hin and Chonburi. With the personal involvement of the Swiss owner in this very prominent international marine sport, a future ocean crossing event from our shores may not be too farfetched.

Some Changes You Can See and What’s To Come

The first priority for the new owners was about getting the facility into shape. Renovations to buildings and essential infrastructure were long overdue. Equipment needed to be updated so that boat owners can now expect a professional standard of boat maintenance and security. Dredging of the water inlet and the removal of silt accumulation was also an early priority.

There was also a need to provide ‘creature comforts’ with the opening of bar and restaurant facilities. There are currently around 40 pontoon stations for boats however an expansion to around 120 is planned. There is already an expansive dry berth area with security and lighting, but additional shaded areas are planned with renovations to the surfaces. Attention to the maintenance requirements of the boats is always first priority with Marina Manager Vladimir Yakovleff on site to arrange these essential services.

Arrangements for a chandlery (marine supplies and accessories) are happening but also additional retail spaces to meet the needs of boat owners are a work in progress. Accommodation and facilities for more social, family or business requirements, such as meeting rooms are also underway. There are many more significant plans on the drawing board. Apart from the notion of power boat racing, Boat Shows and festivals may be seen in the future as ways to increase the marina profile and for marine activities in our region. A visit to the marina will be a very pleasant surprise for any owner or potential boating enthusiast.

About the Mazda CX – 3

Taking a ‘Mazda to the Marina’ was about being offered a test car drive in a new Mazda CX – 3 and to take up an invitation to meet with the owner and management of the marina to get a hint of things to come.. The visual compatibility of our handsome white Mazda and the backdrop of the sleek and sculptured lines of luxury marine craft were readily apparent. Although Mazda is one of the smallest automakers, it keeps cranking out excellent vehicles that stand toe-to-toe with the big boys.

A case in point is the all-new 2016 Mazda CX-3. A subcompact crossover SUV, the head-turning CX-3 combines the maneuverability of a small hatchback with the extra height of a crossover. Mazda’s trademark sporty handling and a stylish, well-equipped cabin with a standard touchscreen interface meant a very enjoyable 20 minute commute to the Marina from Hua Hin. It’s one of the nicest and most fun-to-drive vehicles in its class. Our test vehicle was equipped with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine rated at 146 horsepower and a matching 146 poundfeet of torque but an impressive 31 mpg.

A six-speed automatic is the only available transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, with all-wheel drive offered as an option on all trim levels. The 2016 CX-3’s cabin shows excellent execution overall, with high-quality materials and a sleek dashboard that conveys style and sophistication. Our favourite small but important feature of the CX – 3 was the large external rear-vision mirrors which gave an outstanding view of those behind.

Drivers in Thailand understand the need to always be aware of nearby vehicles (especially motorbikes) lurking in a side lane which seem to be oblivious of well signaled turning intentions.

Mazda CX- 3 provided by:

Khun Wijanprida Isararee
The Director Mazda Hua Hin

Marina website:
Marina Manager:
Vladimir Yakovleff;
email manager@racer-marina.com or
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