Vintage Cars and Classic Party Goers at the Sheraton

Vintage Cars and Classic Party Goers at the Sheraton
Vintage Cars and Classic Party Goers at the Sheraton

The 14th Hua Hin Vintage Car Parade’s Gala Dinner was a celebration of the Vintage Car Club of Thailand’s Annual Hua Hin parade at The Sheraton Resort and Spa Chandelier Ballroom on December 17th.

Vintage cars which had been on display around town, including inside ‘The Chandelier’ had to take a backseat. Front and centre were resplendent guests wearing black and ‘vintage costume’, recognising the era of their much loved motor vehicles and a clear preferred mode of dress. However that’s not to suggest that the too many guests qualified for the ‘vintage’ category. ‘Classic’ would be more appropriate, that is ‘models’ from the 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Apart from the ‘tasters’, a five course dinner set menu was accompanied by subdued jazz classics including many compositions by jazz lover the late King Bhumibol. Some audience participation featured as the night progressed with musical talent on show from both guitarists and singers a pleasant surprise to those unfamiliar with the musical abilities of prominent Club Members.

Our Favourite Vintage Car; the ‘Baby’ Austin 7
This fully restored cute compact on display was a superb example of the Austin 7, affectionately known as the ‘Baby Austin’. This vehicle was produced from 1922 to 1939 and was the first truly affordable mass-produced vehicle of British design and manufacture. The importance of the heritage of the Austin 7 cannot be overstated.
Several well-known companies might not have succeeded if they had not been able to become licensed manufacturers of the design. The first BMW was a 7, known as a Dixi in Germany, and in Japan, Nissan based their first cars on it. The Swallow version of the Austin 7 laid the foundations of the Jaguar Car Company. Some 290,000 Austin 7 cars were produced by Sir Herbert Austin’s company and about 8,000 are thought to still exist worldwide.
Achieving early prominence in the 1920’s, Hua Hin could be considered a vintage town which has now come of age. Apart from the longstanding hosting of the Vintage Car Club’s expedition here, “Homecoming’ was a very appropriate theme for this year’s event, both because of the era of the vehicles and but also for the classic party goers. Footnote: Cars that are generally considered Vintage were manufactured between the years of 1919 and 1930.