What to do when not getting a car you reserve

What to do when not getting a car you reserve
What to do when not getting a car you reserve

Disappointment over Car Reservations has become one of the ‘Top 3’ complaints received by The Office of the Consumer Protection Board, (OCPB). The latest incident saw a customer reserve a hire car with a local dealer, agree the delivery date for two weeks later, sign a contract and pay a deposit of 5,000 baht.

However, on the agreed delivery date the car did not arrive and the customer requested cancellation and a full refund but was denied, the dealer was only prepared to refund 3,000 baht and charge 2,000 cancellation fees even though it was then that had failed to fulfil the contract.

As a result of this growing issue the Community Justices of Hua Hin municipality would like to advise consumers of their rights once you have entered into a contract with such a dealer, as per the new notification of the committee on contracts re: Prescribing Car with Reservation Business as Contract Controlled Business B.E. 2551 (2008). The notification states in articles 3, 4, & 5 that the customer has full right to cancel and
receive a full refund within 15 days if the dealer:

• Raises the price of a car;
• Does not deliver the car on the agreed delivery date;
• Does not deliver the car under the conditions of contract, (considering the brand, model, year, colour & engine size);
• Does not deliver the car with free items and benefits that are stated in the contract.
You should not make matters worse by causing damage.

For further information, please browse www.ocpb.go.th or you can ask for advice at: Legal Officer, Technical and planning Division, Hua Hin municipality, 4th floor, building 2,
or call 0-3251-1047, Ext. 213. (Official Working Hours).


1. The execution Date of an Agreement.
2. The name, age, and addresses of the parties (seller and buyer).
3. The information on the Certificate of Title.
4. The total purchase price of a property.
5. The contract date and the ownership transfer date.
6. The designated date of transfer.
7. Buyers cannot deliver ownership to other parties.
8. Termination agreement.
9. Other Terms and Conditions.
10. The signature of the parties and their witnesses.