A Crowd of Fans of all Colours, Shapes and Sizes; but Not Fans of the World Cup!

A Crowd of Fans of all Colours, Shapes and Sizes; but Not Fans of the World Cup!
A Crowd of Fans of all Colours, Shapes and Sizes; but Not Fans of the World Cup!

The benefits of household ceiling fans have been recognised for centuries, including during much earlier days in Thailand, as one of the most efficient ways of achieving climate control.

Despite advances in air-conditioning, fans have retained a place in modern interior design, not only for function but for their aesthetic value. The options of colours, materials and styles for ceiling fans have never been more extensive. Fans, Lights and More Co Ltd Director, Jochen Scholtes, can provide all these options with the full range of ‘Mr Ken’ fans; designed to reflect personality and lifestyle rather than mere cooling devices.

They are manufactured in Taiwan with Mr Ken in Bangkok being responsible for the design and distribution. “Driven and inspired by the passion for creativity and imagination, our mission is to provide the ultimate ceiling fan experience, dedicated to deliver excellence in ceiling fan functionality and aesthetics.” (Mr Ken) With regard to function, modern fans are now often driven by DC motors which are smaller, more flexible (multiple speeds) in their output and come with remote controls. AC motors remain available at a lower cost and can also be remote controlled as an option.

Ceiling fans can be unobtrusive or decorative in style with 3 to 6 blades in sizes of up to 60 inches. Some may incorporate either spotlights or mood enhancing down lights. Fans supplied by Fans, Lights and More carry a ten year motor warranty and two year warranty on accessories. Jochen says that if customers contact him to say that there is no down draft from the fan anymore; the answer is very simple.

Ceiling fans will almost always offer a down draft or an updraft by reversing the direction. In cooler climates an updraft allows for warmer air to be circulated; not usually a requirement in Thailand. If the lack of a cooling breeze is the problem, the chances are someone has reversed the fan direction! Fans, Lights and More is big in the business of ceiling fans in Hua Hin.

You’ll find a ‘crowd’ of fans at the showroom even though Jochen is no fan of the World Cup.

For more information visit Fans, Lights & More Co. Ltd. on Soi 112 across the road from MahaSamutr. Visit www.fanslightshuahin.com or phone 032 900 426. Open everyday except Sunday.