Awnings to Provide Protection from the Elements


Awnings provide shade and protection from heat and rain and are installed over decks, balconies, patios, doors and windows. They can keep interior home temperatures cooler and reduce electricity bills as well as protect outdoor and indoor furniture from sun and rain exposure.

Thailand has long realised the need for this form of weather protection and many shop fronts and homes have awnings of sorts. It’s not unusual for a brand new ‘shophouse’ building to have awnings added as an afterthought; however a previously attractive and tidy façade may then become precisely the opposite. However adding awnings as a retrofit can achieve both function and style; just ask John. IC Curtains is the business of John Micchia who can offer all the options. Modern awnings can be motorised so that a retractable or roll up awning operates with the push of a button; although manual operations are there as a backup. They may also be able to automatically react to weather changes; sun, wind or rain. Awnings are basically either retractable extending horizontally from the wall or rollup, extending down from the cassette where the awning is stored when not in use. They vary in features, ease of use and pricing with many different styles depending on the purpose they are serving. They can be designed in a variety of sizes in order to fit specific spaces and are made for both residential and commercial areas. To achieve optimum levels of privacy and longevity, these days awnings are likely to use acrylic materials and stainless steel fittings to avoid deterioration with all materials guaranteed. John (some people call him ‘Lucky’) has over 45 years industry experience and over 60 years in service and retail industries so he really understands the level of customer service needed to keep clients happy. IC Curtains also provides curtains, upholstery, carpets, cushions, wallpaper, sofas and mats for private homes, building projects or commercial premises.

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