Becoming a Franchisee and Escaping Retirement

Becoming a Franchisee and Escaping Retirement
Becoming a Franchisee and Escaping Retirement

Amongst the foreign population in Thailand, some discover that an early retirement isn’t quite as satisfying as anticipated. Long days of lounging on the beach or playing yet another round of golf isn’t always enough for the long stay. Although the cost of living here may be OK, the budget may also begin to suffer.

So what are the alternatives? Finding employment may be an option but that’s not easy to find. A work permit is a necessity and there are many jobs which are out of bounds. Some may consider becoming a school teacher but without experience or training, being a daily ‘performer’ in the classroom, may not appeal.

Starting a business may also be considered. Many ex-pats try their hand as a restaurateur or bar owner with disastrous results; especially those without a hospitality background. There are long hours as the convivial host and the customers aren’t always that well behaved. One business opportunity that is now on offer could be the answer BritishAmerican Cleaning Group is offering a franchise with exclusive rights to the Hua Hin and Cha-Am area. The company provides high quality cleaning services for furniture, carpets, curtains and marble flooring, fabric protection, fire and flood restoration work and more.

We were introduced to BAC founder Paul Moulder who made a special trip from his base in Bangkok to discuss how this works. After establishing British American in London England 34 years ago Paul spent 12 years building up the business in Spain before moving to Thailand and opening their Bangkok office in 1996. After 22 years in Thailand he believes the time is right to expand their services to cover the whole of Thailand with Hua Hin as the next BAC service base. The company already has established franchise operations in Dubai and Brunei. The customer base would cover commercial premises such as hotels, spas, resorts, banks, schools as well as the growing market of private residences.

The franchise includes a complete package of state of the art cleaning machines, tools and cleaning solutions as well as comprehensive training. Paul says a successful franchisee will have their full ongoing support as well as the benefit of their 34 years experience in the cleaning business. The franchisee needs to be selfmotivated, enthusiastic and able to market their service as well as being a ‘hands on’ operator, especially in the early days. He will also assist in the setting up of the business; company registration, work permit and other administrative requirements.

He really wants the franchisee to succeed and will help equip you for success. The BAC adage of “judge us by the company we keep”; refers to the impressive list of BAC customers including high end hotels, boutique stores and companies that they work for. This slogan and their customer base can also be the proud boast of a successful franchisee in Hua Hin. If this realistic way of coming out of a premature retirement appeals or you are looking a business to enable you to retire here in the future contact Paul Moulder to learn how.

Phone: 027487316 or 0814846170.