Can you rent out your house as a hotel?


Yes, if you are Thai and your house does not have more than 4 bedrooms, you can rent it out on a daily/weekly basis without a Hotel Licence; no matter whether you are the owner of the house or a lessee.

If you are a foreigner or your house has more than 4 bedrooms, you cannot rent out your house on a daily or weekly basis unless you have a Hotel Licence, except for monthly or longer periods.

To operate a hotel without a licence is a violation of the Hotel Act. If found in breach, you could receive a 1 year imprisonment and/or a 20,000 Baht fine along with a further 10,000 Baht per day until you cease the activity. Should you continue in breach of the act, you could be penalized a further 3 years in imprisonment and/or a 30,000 Baht fine, along with another penalty of 10,000 Baht per day until you cease using the house as a hotel.

This is in compliance with the Construction Control Act, in case you use your building which does not comply with the Construction Permit.

The penalty is severe, so if you want to use your house as a hotel, or if you are a foreigner who wants to rent your house on a daily/weekly basis as a hotel, the following solutions are advisable in order to obtain a Hotel Licence:

  1. Improve or refurbish your house and its functions to comply with the Hotel Act.
  2. Amend the Construction Permit  of the house to multiple purpose, residence and hotel use with the local authority.
  3. Apply a Hotel Licence from the local authority.

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