If You Have a Colorful Garden; Enjoy it Day and Night

If You Have a Colorful Garden; Enjoy it Day and Night
If You Have a Colorful Garden; Enjoy it Day and Night

At the Peet home in Sam Roi Yod, the family often gazes past their swimming pool towards a natural lake and landscaped gardens with a stunning backdrop of the nearby hillsides.

But for owner Tim Peet there was one problem with that outlook. Tim loves colour; but after sunset the colours of his garden turned monochrome and then into darkness. At that time he was going through his ‘snagging list’; that is the list of repairs and finishing work required to complete the construction of his home. That was proving to be a prolonged and painful process and he really didn’t want to add an external lighting contractor to his list. Fortunately an electrical contractor recommended Chris Anderson as the man to provide the quality and service that he required. Now the colours of the night can be enjoyed whenever he wants and the ‘snagging list’ hasn’t grown.

The company responsible for this transformation was Security Safe Stop Co. Ltd; usually known as SSS. The lights installed are fully imported brass spotlights and upright ‘mushrooms. This is a low voltage 12 volt LED landscape lighting system which eliminates the need for mains voltage in garden spaces. The system is photocell timer activated. These systems sense the approaching dusk by monitoring the ambient light conditions rather than depending on an analogue clock. This way they remain unaffected by power cuts; unlike systems where the duration of a power cut will throw out the timing with timers having to be manually reset.

In daylight the individual lights do not detract from the beauty of the gardens. All fixtures are very attractive, compact and in this case mounted on custom made hardwood posts offering extra protection from gardening equipment or kicked over by children at play. Although young Harry Peet is not yet 12 months old, he will soon be an active and inquisitive toddler so the absence of potentially lethal mains voltage power assures his safety. The SSS team have been lighting up some of Thailand’s most beautiful gardens since 2006, at a time when LED lighting was starting to gain a strong foothold on the lighting scene.

Nowadays with longer lifespans, greater efficiency and desirable outputs, LED has become the norm for most lighting designers around the world. Along the way SSS has also installed a variety of other high-tech electronic systems at the Peet home including alarm systems, an electronic security fence, a 5 zone Multi-room audio system, video intercom and a home theatre. The high end IP cameras also allow Tim to keep an eye on the property whenever he is attending to business in Dubai.

The SSS team offers Chris’s personal consultation with onsite concept quotations followed by a detailed specification assessment, including budget considerations, before installation. Chris and his team provide the quality of service and product to match the growing expectations of discerning Hua Hin home owners. He will call by without delay, arrange a site visit to a current project and answer any questions with a confidence based on product knowledge and personal experience.

Contact: Phone 081 9686 051 (English), 08737 1881 (Thai);
Email: chris@securitysafestop.com
Website: www.securitysafestop.com