HHIS is Accredited and Joins The International Schools Elite

HHIS is Accredited and Joins The International Schools Elite
HHIS is Accredited and Joins The International Schools Elite

The HHIS Board of Directors, wrote to all parents this week to congratulate Hua Hin International School on becoming a formally accredited International School by the Education Development Trust agency from the UK. The accreditation award is the result of a 3-year sustained programme of inspection/advisory visits, followed by a 3-day whole-school inspection by a team of UK Inspectors at the end of May. Standards at the school were compared against UK criteria as well as those applied to established International School across the world.

Director Graham Sullivan says: “This is by any standards, a fantastic achievement in so short a time since the school opened in August 2015. Hua Hin now has its first fully licenced and externally accredited K-12 International School and more than that, it has achieved far greater results than anyone should reasonably expect of a school at this early stage of its development. Parents can now feel assured in the knowledge that HHIS is a school where their children can flourish, be extended, be cared for and feel secure. We are all very proud of this achievement and I’m sure the whole Hua Hin community will want to join us as we extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Headteacher Julie Way and her staff for the amazingly professional school that they have created.”

Ms. Julie Way, Headteacher In recognition of the ground-breaking work undertaken by the school in just 3 years, the accreditation inspection has resulted in the school being awarded Silver Accredited Status. This higher degree of accreditation is awarded when a school is judged to be ‘good’ or higher in: Children’s standards of achievement; The quality of teaching and learning; and The quality of leadership and management. The accreditation team’s report was addressed to the Board and the detail will be discussed within the school.

The inspection team’s very positive observations on the school and its work included: Accreditation Report Observations Academic Progress ‘Progress is very good for students who have been in the school the longest, which is indicative of the high-quality teaching they receive. As a result of well-structured teaching and well-targeted support, students of all abilities and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, make good progress across the school.’

Personal Development ‘Students’ personal development is good. In all phases of the school, students demonstrate enthusiasm and are very happy at school. They are confident and ambitious learners who are eager to learn.’ ‘Relationships between staff and students and between the students themselves, are highly respectful. Students feel safe in the school and they are happy. They describe how ‘we are a family’. Friendship and mutual respect are strong features of the school.’ Teaching and Learning ‘Teachers have good subject knowledge and teach with confidence. Staff are hard-working, dedicated, passionate and keen to improve.’

‘A school priority has been to ensure the level of challenge for the most able students. Staff development and ongoing support is ensuring that these students are challenged consistently and make the accelerated progress of which they are capable.’ Accommodation and Resources ‘The school provides a wonderful environment for learning. Classrooms are equipped well and are exciting places in which to learn.

High staffing levels lead to small class sizes and much personal attention for students.’ ‘Classrooms are of a good size and equipped well. Teachers have turned them into vibrant centres for learning. Staff are deployed well and work hard.’ Care for the Students ‘The school’s provision for ensuring the welfare, health and safety of its students is good. Parents and students express strongly their confidence in the school and its staff. They comment about how staff are always keen to listen to their ideas and that the staff know their children very well.’

Arrangements for safeguarding the students are taken seriously by all staff. Staff receive regular training in matters relating to child protection and the school carries out systematic and rigorous procedures to ensure that incoming staff are suitable for their role.’ ‘The school has a range of policies to ensure that there is a consistent approach across the school to ensuring that students are looked after well.

Students feel secure and safe in school because leaders and staff ensure there is a very secure environment for learning.’ Headteacher Julie Way said “we were all very pleased that the inspection team commented so strongly on the high degree of care we give to all our students and in particular, the absolute priority we give to ensuring that only the best teachers are employed at the school”.

Leadership and Management ‘The school is run in a highly efficient manner. Leadership and management of the school are good.’ ‘The school has a clear philosophy, and this has been communicated well. This is evident in the school’s vision and the emphasis on its core values. Staff and students enjoy being in the school and the school has quickly established loyalty from students, staff and all others associated with the school.’

Final Comments from the HHIS Management From Director Graham Sullivan: “These direct extracts give a wholly accurate summary of the report and I have no doubt that you will agree with me, when I again congratulate the school on an amazingly successful programme of development and achievement.”

From Headteacher Julie Way: “Annual follow-up visits will continue for the next 5 years, after which, a return accreditation inspection will take place. By then, the school will have seen its first graduates pass on to their post-school lives in university or work; that will be another huge time for celebration!”

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