If You Need to Go to Rehab; Just Say Yes, Yes, Yes!

If You Need to Go to Rehab; Just Say Yes, Yes, Yes!
If You Need to Go to Rehab; Just Say Yes, Yes, Yes!

“They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, no, no, no!” So sang Amy Winehouse who sadly died of alcohol poisoning on 23rd July 2011, at the age of 27. The award winning song “Rehab” was written by her after refusing to attend alcohol rehabilitation following encouragement from her management team.

Long before health care professionals become involved, friends, family or coworkers can often recognise the signs of alcohol addiction. They may try to talk about the problem and encourage the afflicted person to seek help, but all too often denial comes into play. Denial itself is a warning sign of alcoholism.

A person whose drinking is compulsive simply cannot see or refuses to admit that alcohol use has become a problem. However when the mounting toll of physical, emotional, financial and perhaps legal consequences as well as the breakdown of family relationships due to alcohol addiction is finally realised, it’s time to seek help. The vicious cycle of addiction can be extremely difficult to break without professional assistance. A rehab facility provides a safe place of respite without ready access to alcohol.

There will be a program to understand addiction and to find the coping skills necessary to achieve longterm sobriety with access to group therapy and professional counselling. Horizon Alcohol Rehab Thailand now offers this help as a residential recovery program run by a team of professionals including counsellors, recovery coaches and medical help at Pak Nam Pran near Pranburi about 30 kilometres south of Hua Hin. It’s far from the maddening crowd! Horizon has a limit of 12 clients on–site who are accommodated in a resort-like beachside setting overlooking a magnificent bay far from the ’triggers’ that may result in relapse. It’s a serene environment with ready access to activities such as kayak paddling, beach walking or cycling. There’s plenty of space to reflect on lessons learned and to plan for an alcohol free future.

The facilities offer a high standard of single accommodation with expansive gardens and facilities such as fitness equipment and spaces for yoga, massage or just relaxing poolside. Clients are assisted in their physical recovery with wholesome, nutritious meals provided to enable a return to a healthy lifestyle. Withdrawal after alcohol dependence involves a medical assessment to assess the severity of symptoms over a detoxification period of two to five days. Managing this initial stage of recovery may include a supervised regime of medication in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment. Therapy at Horizon will be during busy days with recovery focused activities such as exercise, taking part in support meetings and individual counselling. Clients will amongst others who are experiencing problems with addiction.

This can be a source of comfort if things get tough; rehab can be an emotional time. Horizon Rehab provides the routine and structure needed to help participants get back into the swing of life without being obsessed by the need for alcohol. Stays at Horizon are likely to be between 28 days to 3 months. Founder Paul Meltzer, Program Manager Chris Walker and support staff provide a specialised facility; perhaps the only dedicated residential alcohol recovery facility in Asia. They offer hope to those struggling with addiction and support to family members or others who recognise the signs and symptoms.

Family support and aftercare is an important component to the Horizon services with plans to open a ‘Stage Two’ facility in Hua Hin next year so that graduates can continue their recovery in a supportive environment with access to resources such as Alcoholics Anonymous. If it’s time for you or a loved one to say Yes, Yes, Yes to rehab, it’s time to contact Horizon Alcohol Rehab Thailand and to follow the road to recovery rather than to continue down the road to escalating problems and distress. See the website for all the information you will need to answer any questions.

Horizon Alcohol Rehab Thailand
Phone: +66 922604511
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Location: 103 Moo 4, Pak Nam Pran
Pranburi 77220, Prachuap Khiri
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Website: www.horizonrehabthailand.com