It’s a Fan-tastic World

It’s a Fan-tastic World
It’s a Fan-tastic World

The electric fan is one of the most important electric inventions of all time. Fans are necessary in computers, lasers, large LED lights, petrol and electric automobiles, the space station and countless other things. The first electric fan was made in 1886 by Schuyler Wheeler. It would be hard to imagine a world without the electric fan!

the years as engineers improved the electric motor and blade design for a much higher performance. A 1893 Wheeler fan, a huge motor with small fan blades Fans, Lights and More Fans, Lights and More have the latest designs in fan technology; especially ceiling fans. Director, Jochen Scholtes is Hua Hin’s ‘fan expert’.

He can point out many of the recent design improvements that may not be apparent to the casual observer. Fans, Lights and More Co Ltd Director, Jochen Scholtes For example a modern fan has a DC powered slimline motor which is dramatically smaller in proportion to the blades. Fans we were using a few years ago are now outdated and have been replaced by more efficient, ecofriendly models. These new ceiling fans have an elegant and sleek design and much lower power requirements than older fans. There’s even a ten year guarantee on the motor, just ask Jochen. Remote controls can be used to adjust the motion of the fans, varying its speed or changing the direction of the revolution. They avoid the need to have dangling cords or the need for electrical power to be provided to wall mounted controls.

Modern slimline designs with a wireless remote provide easy control without wiring problems Blade materials have also come a long way with design changes all improving the quality, practicality (easy cleaning) and decorative effects. However when it comes to quality; Jochen will caution you about inferior laminated materials. When blades warp as humidity leads to dimensional instability and imbalance; that’s a quality issue. Fans, Lights and More have a showroom on Soi 112 where you can consider the advantages of a quality high-tech ceiling fan and receive advice from Hua Hin’s fan expert. Then you’ll be ready to join our fan-tastic world. For more information visit Fans, Lights & More Co. Ltd. on Soi 112 across the road from MahaSamutr. Visit or phone 032 900 426