Knowing your land


Here is some useful information for those wants to who buy or sells land. This is to avoid your being exploited or even unintentionally losing the land that you owned.

Importance of cadastral survey
It is true that a person who holds the land title deed is the owner of the land. But it is also important for you to have the land surveyed every 10 years to prevent your losing the land. Professional surveyors check that the land you own has the dimensions as stated on your title deed. They check the boundary of the land to ensure that your property and adjacent titles are not overlapped.

Advantages of land surveying
To prevent losing ownership of parts of your land when other owners may have intruded on your land.
1. To prevent your land from being encroached on by illegal road access.
2. To prevent your land from being overlapped by public domain such as canal and brook.
3. To ascertain any changes in the boundary of the land over time.
4. To make official any land changes the owner can alter the certificate of utilisation on the green Garuda symbol (NS3K) with the document with red Garuda on top (NS4).

Two types of cadastral survey
Dividing the land
If landowner wants to divide his/her land for selling or distributing among statutory heirs, they must file the request for cadastral survey at the Department of Lands. The landowner then gets new title deeds showing divided portions.

Amalgamating title deeds
If a landowner wishes to amalgamate separate lands into one title deed, he must also file the request for the cadastral survey at the Department of Lands.

Before having your land surveyed, know these three requirements:
1) Land title deeds: Landowners must know what types of utilisation is allowed on their land as stated in an official certificate of utilisation.

There are three different certificates of utilisation:
• Nor Sor Sam (NS3), the certificate with the black Garuda symbol on top, is an instrument affirming the land occupier’s right to use the land without conferring ownership. The land may be sold subject to 30-day notice.

  • Nor Sor Sam Kor (NS3K), the certificate of utilisation with the green Garuda, has the same legal basis as the NS3 yet there is no need to publicise legal acts concerning the land such as a sale.
  • Nor Sor Si Jor (NS4J), or a chanote, is the certificate of true ownership of land and the land’s title deed. Owners have the right to sell and mortgage the land as well as to transfer ownership.

Documents required for land survey
Before requesting a land survey, have these documents in hand:

  • National Identification card.
  • House registration.
  • Evidence of your name change.
  • Evidence of your marriage.
  • Land title deed. • Certificate of utilisation.

Four steps to survey land:

  • Survey and calculate the length and width of the land.
  • Determine the boundary of the land.
  • Certify the boundary to ensure the shape of the land.
  • Calculate mathematically to know the exact size of your land.

Ideally other lands around yours should be surveyed as well so that all owners know exact ownership boundaries.