The Milford Estate Rapidly Becoming the Milford Community

The Milford Estate
The Milford Estate Rapidly Becoming the Milford Community

There comes a time when a housing estate needs to offer residents much more than just a house to live in.  It needs  to become an integrated community with a sense of belonging and pride.  The Milford Estate is offering that sense  of community; location, nearby facilities and an identity so that residents feel like they are really at home.

One very proud Milford property owner is Beatrice from Switzerland. She knew from her first visit that she had found her special place and has already stamped her personality on her home with a garden featuring her favourite statue, a birthday present all the way from Switzerland.

“Meieli” is the name of a full-sized ornamental cow which Beatrice jokingly says keeps her grassed area in shape and the household supplied with fresh milk! Meieli even has a genuine Swiss cow bell around her neck. Beatrice is just one Milford home owner who has found that sense of community.

Swiss resident Beatrice taking care of Maieli Down the road a beer garden is taking shape and ‘7 Grams’, the home of coffee roasters and restaurant which the locals call their home eatery providing breakfast through to an evening mixed Thai/European menu. There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh coffee to imbue that sense of home, especially when it’s just a short stroll away.

The Milford Estate Sales Gallery Of course Soi 102 offers ready access to downtown Hua Hin with both Market Village and Blúport being the community’s ‘local’ shopping precincts. It’s a very desirable location with privacy and a peaceful way of life on offer.
Jan Torpling the Swedish Sales Executive with 11 years Milford experience knows his way around this very international community. It’s not one of those enclaves where one nationality dominates and almost ceases to be a real part of Thailand.

Within this community, Stage One of Mil Pool Villas has 128 pool villas completed. Stage Two has 54 two and three bedroom villas with 11 sold and 3 community members in residence, including Beatrice. About The Mil Pool Villas (Stage 2)

Land area: Plot sizes from 210 to 624 square metres House Type C 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms/1 Living room House area 72 M2, terrace area 24 m2, Pool area 18 M2, Parking Area 20 m2

Mil Pool Stage Two Plots
House Type C+ 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms/1 Living room House area 84.25 M2, terrace area 24 M2, Pool area 18 M2, Parking Area 19 M2 Private Swimming Pool 6 metres X 3 metres Kitchens Contemporary Euro styled Construction Pre-cast concrete walls for rapid completion and free from fissure formation Price From 4.15 million THB Variation of the standard designs and materials (including roof types) can be managed with architectural design assistance. Long and short term rentals are also available.

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