OPPEIN Home Cabinetry: Internationally Renowned, Locally Available

OPPEIN Home Cabinetry: Internationally Renowned, Locally Available
OPPEIN Home Cabinetry: Internationally Renowned, Locally Available

Founded in 1994, OPPEIN has grown to become one of the largest cabinetry manufacturers in the world. With its highly automated woodworking machines and competency in mass customisation, OPPEIN has a huge production capacity and flexibility to meet specific needs.

This includes meeting the needs of big commercial projects such as hotels, resorts or villa construction or for individual owners completing or renovating their own homes. The first OPPEIN showroom in Thailand is already established in Koh Samui but there is now a design, supply and installation capacity in Hua Hin with a showroom on Nong Plub Road. This is where you can consider the product range, project plans can be reviewed and your needs discussed and customised.

You’ll find the showroom on the left after going past Big C, then heading up the hill towards Huay Mongol. Managing Director Jack Chen has previously been based at the Guangzhou (China) operations, but with responsibilities for Koh Samui and Hua Hin, he will personally offer his design, specification and installation skills in Hua Hin.

This typically commences with his consideration of your plans and style requirements in combination with the local knowledge of Khun Oil as the Hua Hin Sales Manager. They are both fluent English, Chiinese, Thai language speakers. OPPEIN Hua Hin offers the same kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, interior door, solid surface, kitchen electrical appliance & accessories, home furniture and other building materials that are provided worldwide. With exceptional designs and professional one-stop project service, OPPEIN is recognised internationally by builders, contractors, project brokers, and building design companies.

Advanced production equipment and software from the German company HOMAG ® allows for the production of thousands of high quality cabinets at the Chines facility. Company production includes 1800+ sets of kitchen cabinets, 1200+ wardrobes, 550+ bathroom cabinets, and 800+ interior doors everyday. OPPEIN also works with Italian designers and studios with an office in Milan to promote research and design cooperation.

OPPEIN is the leading brand in China and the largest cabinetry manufacturer in
Asia, offering the best Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom Cabinet, Interior Door,
Solid Surface, Kitchen Electrical Appliance & Accessory, Home Furniture and other
Building Materials.

With 4500+ dealers globally, products are exported to more than 150 countries
and regions. 10,000+ real estate projects have been finished by OPPEIN worldwide.