Property Upgrades Some Common Issues After The Purchase

Property Upgrades Some Common Issues After The Purchase
Property Upgrades Some Common Issues After The Purchase

There has always been a lot of talk about the safest way to invest in property in Thailand. We know there is a lot of very nice properties, but what happens after you make the investment – what are the common issues property owners face about upgrades and how can you plan to deal with those issues?


As Hua Hin becomes busier and as families relocate to take advantage of the increasing scope of educational options, parents and property owners are mindful of security. If you invest in a gated estate community, then ensure that you fill the gaps if there are any deficiencies in security. You can install a wireless monitor linked to a CCTV system with multiple infrared-capable cameras very cheaply and this includes a recording system. This is of course a deterrent against crime – so you should make your cameras safe from sabotage – but easily identifiable.


There is a high demand for skilled contractor labour. This means the skilled professional labour is generally attracted higher paid jobs; such big developments and the high condos. The stand-alone villa owner or the owner of a townhouse may be left with small handymen who perhaps don’t have the qualifications or financial launch pad to carry out the larger work. You may not to do much ‘due diligence’ on handymen and you will often be relying on word of mouth. It isn’t easy to find an emergency issue to be fixed unless it relates to a warranty issue for a product like an air-con unit.

Electrical Work

When it comes to electrical works – be careful, and monitor what is being done in terms of safety. Are your shower boxes wired up properly and earthed to the ground? Do you have extra surge breakers in your fuse box? Is the wiring under your jacuzzi safe and not comprised of black sticky tape connections? Is your swimming pool room safety box, really safe? Take your time and get a good odd job man to work through your house and correct any deficiencies. They may be busy on other jobs, but it is worth waiting sometimes for the right person to get the job done.

Pest Control 

Hua Hin has a lovely climate for anyone who dislikes colder weather. It must also be accepted by those that benefit from tropical heat and warm rain that this has an effect on properties and can propagate pests. There are many pest-control companies to choose from – and you will find the lowest price companies may use very toxic chemicals and adopt a very aggressive in and out approach to spraying in and around your house. The price difference between companies is not that great – try to use a healthy and environmentally friendly company for your pest-control works.


When you plan to expand your property and dream about extensions, think about whether this is going to negatively impact those around you, and make absolutely sure that your renovation plan is legal and is covered by your construction permit, or you may have to obtain a new permit. Make sure you don’t disturb neighboring land or structures through excavation; put in place the appropriate retaining walls and be considerate.