Providing Safe and Sensational Lighting Solutions for your Great Outdoors

Providing Safe and Sensational Lighting Solutions for your Great Outdoors
Providing Safe and Sensational Lighting Solutions for your Great Outdoors

Garden lighting throughout Thailand often uses power hungry and potentially lethal mains voltage power supplies. This coupled with cheap fixtures that corrode over time and generally bad cabling practices can pose a threat to workers and loved-ones.

Chris Anderson and his team specialise in low voltage 12 volt LED landscape lighting systems to eliminate the need for mains voltage in outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements for long periods of time. The use of this system in outdoor areas adds a new dimension to any property, not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but also in practical terms by maximising the use of outdoor spaces. With the wonderful climate we have in Hua Hin, who wants to be cooped up indoors! Due to the efficiency and low cost of running these systems extra security is provided as the home owner can afford to leave the garden lights running during the night even when away to create the impression that the property is occupied. The SSS team have been lighting up some of Thailand’s most beautiful gardens since 2006, at a time when LED lighting was starting to gain a strong foothold on the lighting scene. Nowadays with longer lifespans, greater efficiency and desirable outputs, LED has become the norm for most lighting designers around the world.

We joined Chris and his team at a seriously upmarket villa property near Black Mountain where landscaping and outdoor presentation was an obvious priority. No compromises in the quality of any of the fixtures and fittings for these proud owners. Chris worked together with the owners, builder, architect and landscaping teams to deliver a solution that would provide a safe, practical and beautiful outdoor lighting system to compliment this outstanding villa.

Daylight reveals the quality and style of these beautiful garden lights imported from the US All lights were powered by 12V low voltage transformers activated by photocell timer. These systems sense the approaching dusk by monitoring the ambient light conditions. This way they remain unaffected by power cuts; unlike systems that use traditional analogue timers where the duration of a power cut will throw out the timing with timers having to be manually reset.

In daylight the individual lights do not detract from the beauty of the gardens. All fixtures are compact and designed without flimsy plastic fittings waiting to be damaged by gardening equipment or kicked over by children at play. Area down-lights allow for safe movement around the property by illuminating paths and walkways. Spotlights were used to highlight certain trees and artworks.

To add a touch of drama, Polynesian style brass tiki fire torches have been added to the mix. These high quality brass LED down-lights incorporate an oil fueled reservoir with a wick to produce a real flame, great for garden parties. The completed installations had not resulted in noticeable garden disturbance or damage; finishing a job without the need for a clean-up or repairs is another hallmark of the service.

Chris is in the spotlight; checking out the lighting effects created by his team The SSS team offers Chris’s personal consultation with onsite concept quotations followed by a detailed specification assessment, including budget considerations, before installation. Chris and his team provide the quality of service and product to match the growing expectations of discerning Hua Hin home owners.

He will call by without delay, arrange a site visit to a current project if you wish and answer any questions with a confidence based on product knowledge and personal experience.

Contact: Phone 081 9686 051 (English), 08737 1881 (Thai);