Purchasing Goods and Services in Thailand Using Bitcoin

Purchasing Goods and Services in Thailand Using Bitcoin


More and more people are becoming curious about purchasing goods and services using Bitcoin. Since the year 2015, number of merchants – some of them are retail giants with billions of dollars in revenue – have decided to accept bitcoin in exchange for their goods and services. This is especially true to most of the e-commerce sites that have been accepting bitcoin as a new payment method for their customers.

In Thailand, Bitcoin is not also new to them. As a matter of fact, an international real estate agency based in Thailand called Terra International Realty has made purchasing with bitcoin possible for their clients. They have received successful payments on bitcoin and made various clients happier than ever.

If you are not aware yet, there are some nationalities who are having a hard time bringing out large amount of money from their home countries to invest or buy goods and services overseas due their strict government policies on this matter. But with Terra International Realty (Thailand), this impossible for them has now become possible using Bitcoin.

To learn more about purchasing properties or investing on real estate market in Thailand using Bitcoin, you can contact Terra International Realty and inquire.

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